The v3 is deprecated. It will be shutdown on November 30th 2024. If you are affected, please read our migration guide from v3 to v4.

An application programming interface (API) is a set of functions and procedures for building software applications.

If you're new to Dashdoc you should head to the How to integrate your software with Dashdoc section. This section provides you all basic concepts to facilitate your onboarding.

If you're already familiar with Dashdoc data models and you are ready to plug your system, read the Setup tutorials to get started !

Our RESTful API Reference is accessed from where you can find a list of endpoints and their descriptions. All calls to our API are validated against an API token. See Get the API token.

Maintaining our API versions

Dashdoc organises the release of new API versions to reflect new features and other changes.

As a general rule we always make these changes backwards compatible within a major version. When we're unable to do this, we create a new major version and we commit to support the older version of our APIs for a reasonable time.

The current supported versions are v3 and v4.

We aim to make backwards-compatible changes

We consider the following list, which is not exhaustive, to be illustrative of the types of backwardly compatible changes we could make to the API:

  • Adding new attributes to a response

  • Reordering attributes in an existing response

  • Adding a new endpoint

  • Adding new methods to an existing endpoint

  • Adding new query string parameters

  • Adding new path parameters

  • Adding new callback events

We will notify you of all changes

We strive to improve our API on an ongoing basis. This means that we do make changes to the API that results in new API versions. We will notify you ahead of a new release.

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