Origin/Destination sites

Segments and Deliveries always have an origin and a destination. Origin and destinations are called sites, that represent a stop a trucker is supposed to do in its journey.

The structuring fields for sites are:

Use the site object to specify instructions about the loading or unloading, planned arrival date and time at this point, or a reference specific to this place.

  • uid: Dashdoc internal id for the site, unique in the whole Dashdoc database. It can be sent at creation to handle some specific use cases

  • address : a Dashdoc address

A site can have an address, see Company - Address

The uid makes a site unique. When a same site is used multiple times in a transport, it has the same uid and is the same entity. Take this example:

Here, the site D is the destination of the segment 3, the delivery 1 and the delivery 2. When creating this transport using the API, the data sent for the site D must be the exact same.

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