Invoicing πŸ’°

Dashdoc supports the invoicing of transports. In order to do that, it relies on third party software to manage a catalog of items (accounting breakdown, VAT rate), numbering invoices sequentially and generate pdf.

There are three level of integration for invoicing software:

Level 1: Driven by Dashdoc

This is the most advanced level of integration, it is in place for a limited number of third party (Quickbooks and Pennylane so far). Dashdoc chooses and implements these integrations to ensure the best user experience possible.

With this level of integration, Dashdoc drives the invoicing software directly through API:

  • Dashdoc authenticates itself with the third party

  • Dashdoc pulls the catalog of articles and keep it in cache

  • Dashdoc creates and updates customers information into the third party

  • Dashdoc creates invoices in the third party once they are finalized

    • updates the invoice number in Dashdoc with the one provided by the third party

    • fetches a pdf version of the invoice and attach it to the Dashdoc invoice

Level 2: Driven by third party

This is the level recommended when integrating an invoicing software not supported by Dashdoc to provide a good user experience.

With this level of integration, the third party is in charge:

  • The third party authenticates with Dashdoc

  • The third party syncs its customer database with Dashdoc

    • links new customers created in Dashdoc with its own list

    • ensure the customer information is equivalent between both parties

  • The third party pushes the list of articles to Dashdoc

    • only a label and the id of the article, no VAT details

  • The third party pulls the invoices created by users in Dashdoc

  • The third party updates the invoices in Dashdoc

    • updates the invoice number

    • uploads a pdf version of the invoice

This diagram shows the flows that need to be set up between third party software and Dashdoc, based on the available API.

Level 3: Generic integration

In this configuration, the third party software is integrated using the general API without specifically using the dedicated invoicing API endpoints and the invoicing lifecycle in Dashdoc.

The user experience with this kind of integration has no guarantee as it strongly relies on the way the integration is done and the third party.

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