Use the mobile app to simulate transports

Sandbox environment

You will have to connect the app to the right envrionment.

1 - First, download Dashdoc app from the store. Open the app.

2 - Open the app

3 - On the log in page, tap on the "Dashdoc" label 5 times. A list of all available environments is displayed.

4 - Select "sandbox"

Log in the mobile app as a trucker

To log in as a trucker, you'll need to enter a trucker invite code. You can use one of the randomly generated truckers or create a trucker of your own (see Creating truckers).

In the parameters section, inside the Drivers tab, you will be able to retrieve an invite code to log in as any trucker of your company. These invite codes are single-use. If you want to log in as a trucker that already used his code, you can generate a new one (it won't log out applications already logged in to that trucker).

Get a transport mission on your app

You need to have created a transport previously. From the web application, go to the details page of one of your transports. Transport must not be completed already. Assign the transport to the trucker you used to log in mobile app.

You will then receive a notification from Dashdoc on your mobile phone to inform you a new mission has been assigned to you. Click OK and the mission will appear on the home page in the app.

Execute transport mission

Once your misison is available in the mobile app, you can update transport status, loads information, signatures just like a trucker would do. This will provide you with transport data that you may use in return within your system. If you're interested in this, check next article Retrieve transport data.

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