Company - Address

In Dashdoc, addresses are linked to companies, just as users.

In your address book in Dashdoc, you can have many companies, that can themselves have many addresses.

A company is the object used to store information about a carrier, shipper, origin or destination addresses' company.

In transport, addresses are used for shipper, carrier, origin, destination, invoicing address. Carriers, shippers and invoicing addresses must be linked to a company, while origins and destinations may be addresses with no company (address name is required in that case).

Creating a company can be done by sending requests to the /companies/ endpoint, or by specifying the company field in addresses when creating transports.

Addresses and their companies may be created

Companies have a remote_id field that you can fill with your internal company id.

  • Using the Create Address API

  • Directly at the creation of a transport, by entering data for the address and its company

Company creation is deduplicated with the following fields if provided: remote_id, trade_number, and name.

There is a mechanism preventing companies with the same:


  • Dashdoc id

  • remote_id (your id, optional)

  • trade_number (optional)

  • name (case insensitive)

An address is the object used to store information about an point of loading and unloading, or the postal address of a shipper or carrier company.

Addresses have a latitude and longitude field that are automatically filled by us if you leave them blank. If you want the trucker to have access to these coordinates on the mobile app, set the coords_validated field to true.

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