Get documents and photos with their type

There are two types of documents in Dashdoc :
  • Documents generated by our solution.
    • These documents are found in the documents list in transports data. For example the CMR or the order confirmation document. . Every element of the list is a document, characterized by its category (cmr and ldv for CMRs, rental for rental order document, orc for Order confirmation, chc for Chartering confirmation, and loading_plan for loading plan) and the field file which is a link to the PDF document.
  • Documents, including photos, added by Dashdoc users (through the mobile app, the web app or the API).
    • These are located in the messages list in transports data.
    • The type field indicates the nature of the document (possible values listed in the API reference).
    • The document-type field indicates the use of the document. Possibilities are:
      • CMR ("document_type": "cmr")
      • Delivery note ("document_type": "delivery_note")
      • Transport order ("document_type": "confirmation")
      • Weight note ("document_type": "weight_note")
      • Invoice ("document_type": "invoice")
      • Washing note ("document_type": "washing_note")
      • Load photo ("document_type": "load_photo")
      • Waste manifest ("document_type": "waste_manifest")
      • Holders swap note ("document_type": "holders_swap_note")
      • Other ("document_type": "")
    • URL to the document file is in the document field.
    • ⚠️ Not every message contains a document, there are also messages with only text. Be careful to only import messages with a non-empty document field to retrieve photos.