Get documents and photos with their type

There are two types of documents in Dashdoc :

  • Documents generated by our solution.

    • These documents are found in the documents list in transports data. For example the CMR or the order confirmation document. . Every element of the list is a document, characterized by its category (cmr and ldv for CMRs, rental for rental order document, orc for Order confirmation, chc for Chartering confirmation, and loading_plan for loading plan) and the field file which is a link to the PDF document.

  • Documents, including photos, added by Dashdoc users (through the mobile app, the web app or the API).

    • These are located in the messages list in transports data.

    • The type field indicates the nature of the document (possible values listed in the API reference).

    • The document-type field indicates the use of the document. Possibilities are:

      • CMR ("document_type": "cmr"). ⚠️ if a trucker uploads a photo of a CMR, it will appear here. This CMR will be the unique source of truth for the transport and the PDF document generated by Dashdoc will no longer appear in the documents section. There might be a photo uploaded after the pick-up and another after the delivery.

      • Delivery note ("document_type": "delivery_note")

      • Transport order ("document_type": "confirmation")

      • Weight note ("document_type": "weight_note")

      • Invoice ("document_type": "invoice")

      • Washing note ("document_type": "washing_note")

      • Load photo ("document_type": "load_photo")

      • Waste manifest ("document_type": "waste_manifest")

      • Holders swap note ("document_type": "holders_swap_note")

      • Other ("document_type": "")

    • URL to the document file is in the document field.

    • ⚠️ Not every message contains a document, there are also messages with only text. Be careful to only import messages with a non-empty document field to retrieve photos.

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