Transport - Segment - Delivery

Transport is our main model. It is linked to a single main carrier (carrier_address field), and most importantly can store multiple Deliveries and Segments.

A Transport must contain at least one Segment and one Delivery

A Delivery object represents a single delivery for a single client. It has one origin and one destination (both are Site objects), and an array of Loads(goods to be delivered).

Segments represent the way the Deliveries contained in the transport will be effectively delivered. We can say the Delivery is what the carrier is supposed to do, and the Segment is how the carrier does it. A Segment object has one origin and one destination (again, both are Site objects), and a Trucker and vehicle and/or trailer license plates.

For a simple transport (one Delivery, one Segment), there are only two sites, A and B. The Delivery and the Segment have the same origin and the same destination. The Delivery contains the shipping data, and the segment the trucker data.

Let's now consider a more complex transport. The carrier is ordered to ship two goods from two different origins to the same destination. One trucker will grab the goods, will ship them to a storehouse and another trucker will drive them from the storehouse to the destination.

A is the first loading point stop, B is the second one, C is the storehouse stop and D is the unloading stop.

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