Get last updated transports (Poll vs. webhooks)

Get last updated transports

There are two ways to get last updated transports:

1. Using a webhook

You create a webservice we can use to send transport data in real-time when they are updated. With this solution, every time a transport is updated, we send a POST request to your webservice, and the body contains the whole transport JSON. The JSON includes everything you need (documents/photos url, status updates, loads etc.)

This is the best solution to have the minimal amount of requests, and the most up-to-date transports data.

To configure webhooks, please refer to the following page :


2. Using GET requests

You can make an authenticated GET request every X minutes to the following URL:

By replacing yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ by the last time you made the request (UTC time), you will get all the transports that have been updated since your last request. Be careful, this request is paginated, and only 20 transports will be returned by request. See this page for more information about it:

Requests and filters

You can also add any available filter on the request, depending on your needs! All the filters are documented in the API reference.

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