Create a break in a transport (segment)

When you need to materialize a bulk breaking or a change of trucker, you can create a break in a segment. This will actually split the segment into two, with a new site that you specify, between initial start and end. Here is an exeample:
  • for a simple transport going from A to B, there is one initial segment A -> B
  • let's call the break site C
  • after the break is created, we have 2 segments resulting:
    • A -> C
    • C -> B
If there was a trucker and some plates (vehicle and trailer) assigned to the initial segment, they will remain on the first segment (A -> C). When creating the break, you can also assign a trucker and plates for the nbew segment but this is not mandatory. If you decide to assign a trucker, you can also choose whether you want him to be notified with this new mission with the send_to_trucker booelan. Break creation is done using the /segments/{uid}/break/ endpoint.
Here is an exemple payload where we decide to just create a break and not assign to second segment:
"site": {
"address": {
"name": "Brunel S.A.S. (Exemple)",
"address": "7 la Loeuf du Houx",
"city": "Vouzeron",
"postcode": "18330",
"country": "FR",
"latitude": 47.273911,
"longitude": 2.172278,
"coords_validated": true
"trucker_id": null,
"vehicle": null,
"trailers": [],
"send_to_trucker": false
Trucker and plates assignment can be done later using the /segments/{uid}/assign/ endpoint.