Handle Qualimat transports

This page explains how to create transports that will respect Qualimat requirement. Additional information on transports, loads and trailers are detailed.

Qualimat is a standard for carrying animal feed with good sanitary conditions. To respect it, carriers must be able to show every load that was carried by the "Qualimat" trailer with the loads' IDTF number, and the washings that were made on the trailer.

Qualimat activation

In Dashdoc, the Qualimat feature must be enabled by the Dashdoc team.

Additional fleet information

When Qualimat is activated, trailers can be marked as Qualimat using the API (https://www.dashdoc.eu/api/v3/docs/#operation/partialUpdateTrailer) or in the settings of the web interface :

This is also true for vehicles that can handle a load without a trailer.

When a trailer is marked as Qualimat, the trucker will be forced to give the IDTF number when validating a load. IDTF number may be filled at transport creation (see below).

Marking vehicles and trailers suitable for Qualimat is optional yet recommended. There will be a warning displayed on Qualimat transports using vehicles or trailers that are not marked suitable for Qualimat.

Creating a Qualimat transport

Specific screens will be displayed to truckers when executing a Qualimat transport. Also, load history will be stored for the vehicle or trailer used for the transport.

In order do to so, transport data must contain additional data that make it a Qualimat transport.

Load description

Load category must be bulk_qualimat and its idtf_number is required.

Both information can be sent at transport creation or update through the API in the loads section (API v2) or in the planned_loads section (API v3 and further). The value for the idtf_number field are validated by the API and must be a real IDTF value, as explained in the API reference. IDTF numbers can be found at https://www.icrt-idtf.com/fr/%22.


If there is a necessary washing on the transport, this may be specified at root level of transport data, using the requires_washing boolean. If true, specific screen about washing activity will be displayed to the trucker. This information is optional.

If you need to tell the trucker what level of washing has to be done, you may use the sites instruction fields, e.g. loading_instructions in origin or unloading_instructions in destination.

Washing note

Washing note attached to the transport by the trucker can be retrieved. See Retrieve transport documents.

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